About us

We work with like-minded talented people: architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, builders, landscape architects. We believe in the discipline and the craft of what we're doing, and we only work with people who share those principles.

Project Friday

We’re property developers. We wish there was another way to describe what we do without conjuring up images of 300 apartments in a high-rise tower, no car parking, and without room for a dining table. Because that’s not what we’re about. On all our projects, large or small, our focus is always on the human scale, the end users, the people who will occupy the spaces we create.

We’re also project managers, and in a sense that’s really what we are. We manage projects with care, resourcefulness and scrupulous attention to detail, some on behalf of our clients, others are ours.

And we bring something unique to every one of them.

We call it the Friday approach.

Why Friday

Friday is the point where work meets life, the interface between work and the things that give value and meaning to the work: the laughter of children, conversation with friends, the things that make life worth living.

The Friday Test

When we’re at work we apply The Friday Test. It keeps our focus outwards. Our projects aren’t figures on a spreadsheet. To us they’re real, tangible places to which people will return after work on Friday; places in which they’ll eat, sleep, make love, laugh and play. They’re places of meaning. Places we’d want to live in ourselves.

What makes us different?

We take the long view. We’re not after a quick profit. We don’t want to build apartments that are human filing cabinets. We uphold high standards when it comes to Project Managing our clients new builds or renovations; in materials, in design, in style and comfort. We will not compromise. Above all, we believe in space. Whatever your circumstances, a home can only have meaning when it has room to live, room to entertain, room to grow.


We create places of connection. Not cramped boxes that actually isolate and confine, but places where people connect with each other, with friends and neighbours, and with the world beyond their windows.

Our Team

Greg Frid – Director

My work at Project Friday is the fusion of my passion for property and architecture, as well as my background in logistics.

To me, it is humbling to think that every building we deliver will leave a lasting legacy on our city’s streetscapes, to be enjoyed by future generations. It is the awareness of this permanency that keeps me grounded, focused, and above all reinforces the immense responsibility of our work as developers.

I enjoy selecting the right partners and team members that share my level of enthusiasm, to ensure that our projects are delivered not only to our to exacting standard, but with an intangible sense of ownership and pride for those lucky enough to live there.

Jordan Siegel – Director

After 15 years of wide experience running multiple commercial and residential sites, Greg approached me to co-create Project Friday as a place where we could bring our skills and our philosophy together.

From the very beginning of my professional career, I have always taken pride in creating a product that will exist for a long time. Today, this continues to inspire my work, along with a passion for detailed design and a drive to explore new ways of working.

I’m proud of the projects Greg and I are delivering, not just because they stand out in terms of quality, but because I know they will be appreciated for years to come.’