So how do we work?

We work with like-minded talented people: architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, builders, landscape architects. We believe in the discipline and the craft of what we're doing, and we only work with people who share those principles.

Greg Frid


‘I have always had a passion for architecture and design. From as early as I can remember great buildings have made me feel exhilarated, energised, alive.

I feel immensely fortunate to be able to create inspirational spaces for people to call home. My drive has never been about profits, but rather a desire to share my level of enthusiasm with others, to demonstrate that property is not only about the end result, but as much about the journey we embark on to create a home.

Property development has been something that always made sense to me. From my time working in transport and logistics, to my years as a project manager for a private construction company, I never felt the same sense of purpose that I do now.

The basic human need for shelter is a connection we all share. The necessity to create a safe space for ourselves and our families has been a fundamental driver since our ancestors first sat around a fire a few hundred thousand years ago. Now, more than ever, our homes have become extensions of our personalities, our ambitions, and our way of life.

It is humbling to think that every building we deliver will leave a lasting legacy on our streetscape. It is the awareness of this permanency that keeps me grounded, focused, and above most reinforces the immense responsibility we carry, to ensure our creations enhance our cities and the way we live.

I always felt disconnected and disillusioned by the mainstream construction industry; a complete disregard for the enormity of the task for the uninitiated, and a flagrant attempt to maximise profit at the expense of quality, with little or no regard for aesthetic. There has always been a huge gap between the way I feel about property, and the way most of the industry behaves.

That’s why I badgered Jordan for years to join me in the enterprise that has become Project Friday. Now at last we can work the way we want to work. And we strive continually to ensure that every client, every tradesman and every consultant who works with us experiences same level of fulfilment and accomplishment that we do.

From the outset, the very basis of Project Friday was to translate this feeling into both something physical, that our clients could touch and hold, but also something intangible, a rush of adrenaline, the feeling you get at the end of a long week, the Friday feeling.

These are my core beliefs and the foundations on which our business has been built.’





“Getting Project Friday on board to manage our renovation was the best decision we could have made – our only regret is not having engaged them sooner. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

T&H Prahran Residence


“This is the fourth property development I’ve been involved in and working with Jordan was, by far, the best and easiest experience that I’ve had. Jordan’s calm and collected manner really made a difference when issues were raised. Having a property development consultant like Jordan, meant issues were dealt with quickly, efficiently and smoothly and nothing was too difficult or undoable. ”

CH, Malvern

Jordan Siegel


‘From the earliest I can remember (and backed up by those who were around) I have only ever had three real passions, AFL, Lego and planes. Unfortunately genes did not help me with my AFL pursuit, but my school aptitude tests always had me exceeding in spatial relation tasks and naturally I took a liking not only to the artificial beauty of skyscrapers and FA18’s in particular, but how both of these are broken down into their elements to enable them to be built and to function the way they do.

Countless broken models planes and boxes of Lego (both of which I still buy today) later, I commenced an aerospace engineering degree. I soon realised countless equations to resolve cross wind vectors against a tail rudder were not exactly what I was after and moved across to complete a Bachelor of Planning and Design (3 years of which crosses over with Architecture) and another degree in Property and Construction, both at the University of Melbourne. I obtained a year long exchange scholarship to Penn State University, allowing me to also travel 15,000km in a car around the entire border of the country. Travel is still high on my agenda as it allows me to continue exploring and experience flying, architecture and skiing where possible!

Working part time for my first commercial construction company upon my return from the USA and whilst completing my degree, I was quickly elevated from lackey to project manager running multiple sites and disciplines (apartments, universities, offices, etc) with projects in excess of $30 million. After 10 years of learning and unlearning from a number of people, the ongoing requests from Greg to come do it all for myself led us here today.

From the outset of my professional career I still maintain the feeling of pride at delivering a product that varied numbers and groups of people can physically use, explore and touch, knowing the product will be around for a long time. This continues to develop with a preference on more detailed design focused projects that stand out from what others are doing and have done in the past, and not accepting that just because it has been done that way before, that it’s necessarily the best way to do it’










“We as builders and all of our subcontractors had a successful project at Jessamine in terms of expected time taken and expected margins achieved.  We rate the finished product at Jessamine as our best detailed project to date.  We thank you, Project Friday, for running a great team project and we look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Tim Farrell – Director, Project Group


“In a world with so called experts with broken promises, lack of reliability and under performance, it was a delight to work with Project Friday.”

Dr Peter Braun