Future Proof Living

We think about your future today, so you don’t have to tomorrow.

Good design has the ability to transform lives, to provide clever ways to live and move and be.

The aspiration of Project Friday is to design and build homes that provide enjoyment and comfort, that work with the owners needs and way of living, that reflect who they are.

These basic needs and desires to be comfortable and proud of ourselves and our space stay with us throughout life.

We know with some forward planning and clever design a home that you love now can evolve as your needs change. Your home can provide beautiful design, reflect who you are and how you live; as well as provide the functionality for now and for later.

Don’t find yourself having to move again when your needs change and that downsizer you bought a decade ago or only a month ago can’t be adapted.

As Australians grow older, the options on where and how you can live promote a focus on providing personal space, comfort and safety. However, that often really translates to communal living with just a small generic space for yourself, no room to entertain friends or family, little room for true personal choice. We know there is a better way to live than this. It is possible to have support and safety as well as the personal space and style you desire.

If you or someone you love is looking to the future and wondering what comes next, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Whether it be one of our future proofed developments or working with you on your own perfect place, let’s talk.